Techniques we employ


What we can offer you

Dr Saxon (chiropractor) offers both manual and low-force techniques to give precise chiropractic adjustments that align your spine into the proper position. He also uses muscle work and exercises. No two people are treated the same and we’ll make our methods suit your needs.


We utilise the following techniques

Diversified Manual Adjusting

This is the time honoured technique many have grown to love where we restore function to stuck joints and stimulate nerve receptors for movement and position (yes, they often crack!).

Activator Methods®

Don’t like manual adjustments? Uncomfortable with the sound or idea of popping joints? Instrument adjusting may suit you better. Activator is the original instrument many chiropractic patients have experienced great results with.

Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®)

CBP X-ray analysis is simply light years ahead of anything else out there, in terms of diagnosing the underlying cause of chronic problems. As your posture changes, your spinal curves can alter, leading to a range of different health problems. To the best of my knowledge we’re still the only practice in town with the in office heavy duty traction equipment to help your body back to good posture, using evidence-based programs based on your goals and level of spinal health. Dennerols may also be prescribed, which are lightweight foam devices, great for home posture rehab.

Myopractic Therapy

Your body’s soft tissues may need to be addressed to provide optimal results. This technique allows Dr Saxon to address problems deep in the muscles, great for athletes and manual workers. This work can also be especially beneficial for those who are unsuited to manual adjustments, but still seek incredible results in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

corrective exercises

Thought only Physios prescribe corrective exercises? Think again! Dr Saxon is constantly researching the latest and most effective exercises to prescribe for specific injuries, postural correction and optimal function. In our clinic, every patient gets homework!

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