About Us


Your health is our priority

Dr Saxon (chiropractor) sees people of all ages and walks of life. We especially enjoy helping retirees, who may require more gentle treatment. Many of Dr Saxon’s fellow gym-goers also seek his assistance for both injuries and optimal performance. The bulk of our practice however, is regular families wanting to get healthy, stay healthy and have a great life.

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A holistic approach

As the practice’s sole practitioner, Wodonga chiropractor Dr Saxon Selvey provides his patients with consistent, quality chiropractic care. Possessing a PhD, he has considerable knowledge and may help people suffering from a wide variety of ailments.

Using evidence-based chiropractic care to give you the most reliable results possible. He takes all the time necessary to listen to you, performs a thorough examination and provides you with an easy-to-understand explanation of his findings.

He then creates a plan that will help you reach your individual health goals. Your treatment includes a tailored stretching and strengthening program that accelerates results.


14 years in our community

Chiropractor Dr Saxon Selvey (chiropractor) took over Healthy Living Family Chiropractic in 2005 and has served the Wodonga and Albury communities for over 14 years. As a sole practitioner with a PhD background in cancer genetics, his depth of experience in various fields of health is used to the benefit of those seeking our help. At our practice, our patients receive the one-on-one attention they need to get out of pain and live a healthier, more active life!